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Welcome to the LNL EPICS Controls Group website. This site contains releases of software produced by the LNL EPICS Controls Group as well as some internal links


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This is the EPICS web page of Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro(INFN-LNL), INFN, located in Padova, Italy

The control software framework called EPICS (Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System) provides an architecture for control system software to be constructed as a scalable, distributed database of control components. It is based on industry standards at all levels and includes an extensive set of tools and clients that are portable across all major architectures (including Unix, Linux and Windows operating systems). EPICS software has been used on many major high-energy physics facilities as well as on large astronomical telescopes.

The EPICS group at INFN-LNL, waiting the landing of enough large project to use EPICS, is mainly devoted to R&D and prototyping small applications actually in use from an experimental group.

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EPICS software for download

This is a collection of EPICS drivers and other software that have been developed or improved at the INFN-LNL. The list might be incomplete or outdated. Ralph Lange (Bessy), has realized seminars and courses at LNL in recent years, he helped us to develop a part of the follow driver/device Support.

All software is available for download as gzipped tar files under the terms of EPICS Licence:

LivEPICS(c) is a Linux Live CD (and a USB bootable all-in one solution) that includes: Epics base, Extensions tools, introductory documents and manuals. It has the complete functionality to develop a small control system, but it is mainly intended for training classes or to monitor and supervise an EPICS network. LivEPICS is copyright under GNU General Pubblic Licence

LivEPICS Releases Fedora Core 5 based repository
CD covers with basic infos
LivEPICS USB and CD Bootable (Slax 6.0 based repository)
Software list included
CD Cover

Tip: Try LivEPICS Iso images without burns.

 The EPICS  tiny IOC (PC104 Embedded) application was developed to control 600 analog matrix to route signals of Nuclex experiment at LNL, from Constant fraction discriminator to the data acquisition room. The PC104 used (tmz-104) was made by     Tri-M. Under the EPICSWIKI > Getting Started with R3.14.7 on a PC104 running Linux
D. Rosso has realized a good hardware enclosure and a handly laboratory workbench.

The complete application is availabe to Download pc104.nuclex.tar.gz

NAL  (Not Another aLarm handler ) or (Nagios ALarm handler)

SafeGateway  (Configure an old PC to safe gateway HardDisk free to play w NAL & EPICS)


SPES Preliminary Notes  

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Device/driver Support Bus Download
Highland Technology M250 Camac Controller with a Ethernet 10BaseT Ethernet m250.15.12.04.tar.gz
MicroLogix 1500  Rockewll  PLC RS232c mx1500_22_1_07.tar.gz
Simple application,based on Allan Honey drvAscii, for the //mirror1.mirror.garr.it/mirrors/epics-at-lnl/WikiDumps/localhost/cpm1a-v1@This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">C20H Omron PLC RS232c C20H_Omron.tar.gz
HP33120A Function Generators & Waveform Synthesizer GPIB HP33120AGPIB.tar.gz
K199  Keythley System DMM/Scanner GPIB K199GPIB.tar.gz
Edwards TICBOC (Installation and configuration manual) RS232c TICBOCE.tar.gz
Lambda ESS Power Supply (Installation and configuration manual) RS232c ESSLAMB.tar.gz
GENESYS Power Supply (minimal difference from PSI job) RS232c GENESYS.tar.gz
IRCON Pyrometer Mod5 (Installation and configuration manual) RS485 IRCON_21_8_08.tar.gz